Heaven and Hell


“There’s another story that you may have read that has to do with what we call heaven and hell, life and death, good and bad. It’s a story about how those things don’t really exist except as a creation of our own minds. It goes like this: A big burly samurai comes to the wise man and says, “Tell me the nature of heaven and hell.” And the roshi looks him in the face and says: “Why should I tell a scruffy, disgusting, miserable slob like you?” The samurai starts to get purple in the face, his hair starts to stand up, but the roshi won’t stop, he keeps saying, “A miserable worm like you, do you think I should tell you anything?” Consumed by rage, the samurai draws his sword, and he’s just about to cut off the head of the roshi. Then the roshi says, “That’s hell.” The samurai, who is in fact a sensitive person, instantly gets it, that he just created his own hell; he was deep in hell. It was black and hot, filled with hatred, self-protection, anger, and resentment, so much so that he was going to kill this man. Tears fill his eyes and he starts to cry and he puts his palms together and the roshi says, “That’s heaven.”

Pema Chödrön, Awakening Loving Kindness

it starts with the mind

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Cult Education – Child-Abuse Claims To Be Heard


Cult Education – Child-Abuse Claims To Be Heard.

Of course El Phalen, the woman reporting child abuse within ACMTC, is going to be depicted as a “transient, and as “having a history of making unfounded allegations,”—a picture (no doubt in my mind) rendered by the Greens, themselves having a long history of doing the same.

Dr. Phil.com – Shows – Cult Confrontations


Dr. Phil.com – Shows – Cult Confrontations.

Aggressive Christianity Mission


Aggressive Christianity Mission.

Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search


Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search.

a quote I love

10669994_755392747847463_2679013446912559287_nI’m always adjusting my lens, and at age 60, I switched to a new one with widened, improved views, finer focuses, and much better clarity. Still learning to use it.

change & growth can be painful

keynote-templete.00181Nothing’s much harder to pull out of than being physically or mentally stuck, and especially if both are working together as one.

Never let someone claiming authority from God do all your thinking and discerning for you. Give yourself the liberty to listen to your own inner voice, and allow your mind and innate awareness to probe for you. Then and only then can you discern your own truth and dispel another’s.

When we give ourselves the liberty to listen to our own voice, to see with our own awareness, and to discern with our own mind, a much welcomed paradigm shift can occur. It did for me, and has and does for countless others. It’s the only way to an authentic life.

keynote templete.001It’s a wonderful thing. It’s like finding the exit of a dark cave, one you’ve been in for a long while, and stepping outside and feeling the sun’s warmth, and seeing everything anew in its shine.

It can set your mind free.


Only YOU can figure out YOUR way.

Change can come in small steps, and that’s okay. Becoming aware is a process. It starts with allowing our questions in, opening wide the doors that someone else has locked shut inside our minds, and greeting what’s on the other side. Then, we walk outside and learn to play a little, breathe in some fresh air. It does wonders to instill a freshness to our minds, and a new perspective.

keynote-templete.00111It’s not that hard, nobody but you and God need know, and if the divine source of life is truly love, then what’s the problem with questioning what we believe in, especially if it intuitively feels wrong? There’s no fault in that. The fault is in fear. Fear is what binds, what blinds, and there is no love in fear.

“Seek and you shall find.” Never assume you’ve arrived if you feel no love or peace there.



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why bother?

images-26I ask myself again, why am I doing this? Then I give it some time, and I remember.


I don’t particularly like telling stories of things that go on in the dark—but then of course, it’s the only way to get the stories into the scrutiny of the light. I move ahead once again with caution. I don’t wish to be found throwing negative on top of negative to put out other people’s fires.

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