3 Common Brainwashing Myths | The Exhausted Woman

Source: 3 Common Brainwashing Myths | The Exhausted Woman

Escaping cult life: ‘That’s an invisible scar that never goes away’ | RNZ News

Source: Escaping cult life: ‘That’s an invisible scar that never goes away’ | RNZ News

Diane Benscoter: How cults rewire the brain | TED Talk

The Power of Cults: Recovery from Religion podcast

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I stumbled upon this podcast the other day, and am so glad I did. When I was 33 and entering a cult, there was little public awareness re cults or religious abuse, and when I was 38 and exiting, there still was little circulating on the subject. There were some great books re cults or religious abuse, but you had to search for them. That’s now changed. There’s a lot of information circulating re cults, and the public is much more aware. I’ve listened to several episodes on this podcast, all personal interviews with people who had experiences similar to mine. This episode, The Power of Cults, Podcast #15, is an interview with Dr. Janja Lalich whose work I’ve long admired, and who is an excellent resource for explaining the phenomena of cults, and how intelligent people get swept up by them and don’t leave.

getting unstuck

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Schmierer v. The Tribal Trust, 2018-NMCA-058 – ObiterDictum

—>Source: Schmierer v. The Tribal Trust, 2018-NMCA-058 – ObiterDictum

Informational article, but once again, I just want to say I wasn’t physically locked up. I feared leaving, because I was duped into believing that if I left I’d go to hell. This was my last chance. My prison was mental. Plus I couldn’t just leave my children.

And I didn’t escape. I could have left at any time. After 6 months of shaming, THEY kicked ME out.

This was clear in my deposition presented at trial in 1989 at the Sacramento Superior Court. In fact, the Judge said to me, “but you were free to leave.”

I said “Yes, your honor, but I was afraid to leave,” I believed that if I left I’d go to hell.” 

Former fundamentalists describe the trauma of leaving their faith – The UC Observer

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 4.08.03 PM—>Source: Former fundamentalists describe the trauma of leaving their faith – The UC Observer

Good article, and yes, I am a former fundamentalist. I no longer believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, or for that matter even inspired by a God. I wrestled with my faith after 30 years of holding it tight. Too many things made no sense.

In the beginning, questioning triggered night terrors: was I forsaking God, and was he therefore forsaking me? But then I let my mind do a little research and reasoning. As a Christian I only read books to defend my faith, to support it. Now I was curious about the evidence on the other side.

What set me free from a biblical mindset were the teachings of Bart Ehrman, professor of the New Testament at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Ehrman attended seminary to become a teacher of “God’s word,” but after examining the historical Jesus, the origins of Christianity, and the origins of the Bible, he became un-converted. I wanted to learn what he learned that changed his mind, that caused his paradigm shift.
My questions were answered by reading Misquoting Jesus: The Story of Who Changed the Bible and Why, and listening to The Historical Jesus, a class Ehrman teaches through the Great Courses. Like, do you know the gospels were not written by Jesus’s disciples? They were written 30–70 years after his death. Nobody really knows who wrote them. The names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were ascribed to them decades after they were written.
Ehrman points out errors in the gospels progression, like how Jesus became the “son of God” after baptism by John the Baptist in the gospel of Mark (scribed about 30 years after death), to “the son of God” in the womb in the gospel of John (scribed about 70 years after his death). And how in Mark Jesus had passover with his disciples before his death, but in John he died during the Passover, signifying that he was the sacrificial lamb of God. Ehrman’s study and writings opened my mind and liberated me from the ancient dogma of the Christian faith, and once again, the fear of hell.




It’s been a long drama, but after nearly twenty years the verdict regarding the transfer of my 1989 CA judgment to New Mexico, against the Greens, or ACMTC, is finally in, first from the court of appeals, then from the NM Supreme Court: my law suit is NOT time barred. Unbelievable, I know: it’s so ancient! This story is so ancient. Once again, I believe we reap what we sow. The Greens and their army of followers eluded this CA judgment for over 30 years, moving, changing personal names, changing organization’s name multiple times, purchasing property with cash, money orders, hiding properties under another’s name, putting properties into fake trusts. Basically, their deceitful actions voided any time bar.

Generally we have to face the consequences of what we believe. Even if we don’t believe it anymore.

the incarcerated Deborah Green

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Nailed, but not to the cross. This is not persecution, not martyrdom. This is incarceration for horrible crimes committed.

I think we all want to know what’s going on inside her head. I do. Will she remain locked inside her storyline, or will she tire of it and wiggle her way out? In all this time alone, I really hope her life is flashing before her, and she can see the depths of her hate, not to punish her, but to set her free. We have to acknowledge the bad in us before we can let it go. Hearsay from one of my attorneys, tho, is she still thinks she’s a prophet and a martyr for God.

I swear I can sometimes feel her suffering. Jim too.

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TEDx talk: I grew up in a cult. It was heaven and hell.

OUTSTANDING, POIGNANT, POWERFUL, UPBEAT!  What a light! Lilia Tarawa intricately and eloquently describes how heaven and hell can be entwined within the cult environment.