meet Silas

Meet Silas, royal kitty boy. He rules my neighborhood. We go back about 4 years. Not my cat, but he is. He only goes to his other house when it’s time to eat, or to catch a mouse or two with his brother, Whitey, or if he needs to go to the vet, or of course, see his other mom.  Mom #1 doesn’t want me to pay for anything. I’ve offered. She works all day, and she’s just glad I’m here for Silas. How’s that for a sweet deal? Sometimes he nudges open my back door in the middle of the night, then my bedroom door, and jumps up, curls up, and falls sleeps on the foot of my bed. Other times he just suddenly appears when I don’t even know he’s around. Like, Si, how’d you get in here? He has super powers.

me & si

common characteristics of cult leaders

Good article below by Randall Watters regarding characteristics common to cult leaders. Spot on regarding Jim and Lila Green. Here’s a snippet.

“Their ego and sense of self-importance swells, and they lose all accountability to anyone else. They see themselves as the only ones truly doing God’s work.

Their sense of righteousness and their simplistic black and white mentality cause them to wage war against the agents of the devil; i.e., outsiders. The followers are indoctrinated with a persecution complex and a deep sense of paranoia towards the world. They will finally only trust and obey their one leader or organizational dictates. They have a righteous cause, which tends to alleviate their own consciousness of guilt and failure, and this becomes a drug that insures their continued obedience with a fanaticism that no logic seems able to dismantle.

The Bible is written to them and about them, indeed it cannot be understood without them in mind. The cult leader practices various forms of mind control over his followers, including control of their thoughts, their emotions, and their behavior, as well as restricting what they are allowed to read or listen to.

Cult leaders keep their followers so busy that they do not have time to return to previous, more intuitive and natural ways of thinking. Such ways of thinking are now seen as worldly or “of the devil.”—>Source: Profile of a Cult Leader |

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