people don’t just choose to join a cult

“Many people think a cult is just a strange religion or strange set of belief systems, but the defining factors are more the abusive things, like having rights and freedoms taken away from members, and then instilling in them an extremism, and a sense of black-and-white thinking.

People don’t go down a list of known cults, choose one and think, this is the philosophy that best suits me. The key thing to remember is that they don’t know what they’re joining — this is where coercion comes into it.

If people knew upfront what all the beliefs of the group were they would probably never join, but it’s a slow process where the inside doctrine of a group is released over time.

Tore Klevjer, former Children of God member for 11 years.

—>Source: Life in a cult: ‘Like an extreme version of domestic violence’ – RN – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)