plea deal

No second trial for Deborah Green. They did a plea bargain. Deborah pled no contest to first degree child abuse in the case of the 12-year-old boy Enoch who died of the flu on ACMTC’s compound. Enoch had no birth certificate, received no medical care, and had no death certificate. It was his death that finally prompted a deeper investigation into the Greens. Law enforcement had long been on the alert, receiving multiple complaints about the Greens from concerned families. Finally Enoch’s unreported death gave them reason to really dig.

Enoch's grave             Enoch’s grave site after authorities retrieved his remains for autopsy.

Deborah received an additional 18 years to her already 72 year sentence. She will die in prison. Alone. Justice, sweet justice. But Enoch’s life was far too short-lived.