a promise for the future

grandson and his bride

10007435_10204475723633544_6678797969971411301_n Just returned from a beautiful wedding in Snohomish, Washington—that of my oldest grandson (Rebekah’s oldest son) and his gracious bride. Bright couple—alert, passionate about life, happy, motivated to be their best, to give their best.

TRUE LOVE does that. Genuinely loving people motivate others to be and to give their best, and the motivation comes from a longing deep within, not by some outward dominant force. Love never tries to control, it never plots wicked stories with big or little lies, and it never declares “blasphemy” upon those who question or oppose.

My grandson and his bride are a promise to me. A promise of love. May they forever make the world a better place to live. IMG_5708 Ken, Lillian, me, Rebekah, grandson, bride, granddaughter and Mike

My grandson’s mother-in-law gave me this picture, and I just realized that everyone in it, with exception of the bride, were once behind the doors of Free Love Ministries, AKA Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps, or ACMTC. I love it when life brings together the people of my past like that, people I cared about then and now, people I somehow still love.

Ken and Lillian were the first to leave, and were thereafter declared by Deborah Green to be  “judged by god.” Mike (about 26 at the time), Ken’s son, remained, and a few years later the Greens arranged for him and Rebekah (then 17) to marry.

Mike and Rebekah, with a toddler and a baby in arms, snuck out of ACMTC late at night on the same night Abe and Marlene snuck out with their children, and neither knew of the other’s plans. Nobody could trust anybody in there with their secrets.

It was wonderful seeing everyone again, and meeting the brides lovely family. Good times with good people.

10712860_971438487750_952890300203235743_n-1It was a happy day.