re ACMTC and sickness

imagesHere’s the deal. Jim and Deborah Green teach that sickeness is caused by sin, either the sin of the ones afflicted, or of somebody directly or indirectly related to them. Diseases of all types, even the common cold and various aches and pains, they attribute to demons. Lila reported my children sick because I wasn’t fully committed to God. Sin they say opens doors for demons to come in and wreak havoc on the body. In their little community a single sin is believed to affect everyone—the whole body of Christ—and it can be as simple as doubting the word of God, as spoken by their prophetess Deborah Green.

They also assert sickness may occur to teach a lesson, all micro-managed by God, or it may occur for some greater good of God. A few times I heard Deborah claim she was sick because she bore the sins of the world (like Jesus, I guess).

ACMTC members don’t go to doctors or dentists. To them, it’s all about believing in, being right before, and trusting in God. They’ve no health insurance, and no personal money to pay for doctors. If someone has a bad tooth they’re driven to Juarez, Mexico and they get it pulled out. If a filling comes out, the whole tooth is pulled.

According to them modern scientifically based medicine is not “of God,” but “of the god of this world, the devil,” except of course on rare occasions, like when Joshua Green was hospitalized with malaria, or when Jim Green was treated for skin cancer. (What applies to members, doesn’t always apply to the Greens.)

The babies born to ACMTC women are delivered by Deborah Green, and there’s quite a few of them. (It may be their quickest way to fortify their ranks.) She delivers the babies so that the hands of the prophet will be the first to touch the infant’s heads.  The mothers receive no prenatal or postnatal care, and the babies no post delivery or follow-up care, and no birth certificates.