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Source: 10 Signs Your Church Is Actually A Cult | Dust Off The Bible

Ex-Members Describe Military-Style Christian Sect Now Accused of Child Abuse – NBC News

Article from August ’17.

Source: Ex-Members Describe Military-Style Christian Sect Now Accused of Child Abuse – NBC News

Jim’s smirk, and the real story

Jim’s smirk in the courtroom scene below when the prosecutor says “a member escaped” was actually a reasonable response: I didn’t escape! Jim’s wife Lila (AKA General Deborah, or “God’s Prophet”) excommunicated me, and changed my name to Forsaken, as in “forsaken by God.” She handed me a dingy cotton sack-dress with a black scarf, and told me to wear them “when in the presence of God’s soldiers”, and to wear them “with shame.” Shortly after, Jacque (AKA Rachel) experienced something similar, God’s wrath, her name changed by Lila to Barren, her new garb a hospital gown.

Most mornings Bernie gave us orders for the day. He’d knock on the bare wood door and yell, “time to go to work!” Sometimes he’d knock as early a 3-4 AM. We sawed wood, we washed houses, painted houses, washed the camp vehicles, wheelbarrowed rocks, pulled nails, shoveled dirt, cleaned garbage cans, swept sidewalks, raked and picked up leaves. For 3 months when we lived in the shed we were given peanut butter sandwiches only to eat morning, noon and night, delivered all at once, usually in the morning, in a plastic bread bag dropped outside the shed door in the dirt. Some days nothing lay there, and on those days we fasted without complaint. We knew how to fast, and more than anything we wanted to please God.

Lila instructed everyone in camp to turn their heads away from us if they saw us working on their holy ground, and to have no compassion for us, as “God Himself had none.” “They’re mere cleaning women,” she said. “They’re not one of us anymore.” They called us “women set aside,” and later “prisoners.” Lila prophesied that if we failed to “fully repent,” and be “completely broken,” that we would “dry up on the vine,” and be cast in hell to burn forever—anathematized. This was our last chance to get it right. Our hope depended on our dying to ourselves, hushing our own internal dialogues, our own thoughts too shallow for the likes of God: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LordAs the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55-8-9 

Jim’s right though, we could’ve left, we weren’t physically locked up. Fear of Lila and Jim’s God is what kept us in there. We were prisoners under His wrath. 

Source: Attorneys argue over the bond for a religious leader accused of child abuse, kidnapping

Attorneys argue over Jim Green’s bond

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 6.32.18 PMSource: Attorneys argue over the bond for a religious leader accused of child abuse, kidnapping


Four religious sect members plead not guilty in child abuse case | KOB 4

And so the tide turns, or as I like to say, “you reap what you sow.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.59.29 AM

Source: Four religious sect members plead not guilty in child abuse case | KOB 4

in walks a fire-cracker—meet Julie!

You’ll be hearing a lot more from Julie, and others whose lives were tangled in the web of Deborah and Jim’s ACMTC.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 7.36.14 PM

Source: Former Aggressive Christianity member speaks out 


Police video shows deputies arresting “general” Jim Green

Source: Police lapel video shows deputies arresting the remaining “general”

Watching this makes me sad. I know that’s weird, because Jim helped create this mess. He has his own delusions of grandeur, but he was always the kind one, the one who actually showed some care. As narrow and as screwed up as I think he is in his mind, most of the darkness within ACMTC I think is the bitter-rotten fruit of his wife Deborah Green. I really don’t wish for either to suffer, but needless to say, I’m elated that they’re behind bars, that their works of deception, manipulation and hatred are stopped.

persecution and isolation

The International Cult Studies Association (ICSA) speaks at length about isolationism and its effects on members.

“Many cults have instilled an active persecution complex in the minds of their members. They have been trained to believe the world hates, fears and misunderstands them. This often results in cults isolating themselves from the outside world. The leader cultivates, and the cult maintains, a sense of “outside” persecution.

Herbert W. Armstrong taught WCG would be persecuted, and even set dates for when that persecution would begin relating to his 1975 apocalyptic predictions. Armstrong and his acolytes kept Chruch of God members frightened and constantly looking toward an impending crackdown on their church, similar to the massacre in Waco, Texas in 1993 when their spiritual cousins the Branch Davidians were besieged by federal agents.

Incidents such as these and the constant drumbeat that “secular, godless liberals” are destroying society creates a cohesion of fear where members band together and tend to socialize internally to the exclusion of the outside world. Members are taught to believe everything that happens in the world they disagree with is an affront to their beliefs and values, and thus a direct threat to their community.

This also takes the form of “mean world syndrome,” a term coined by communications professor George Gerber to describe the ways people believe the world is more dangerous than it actually is, based on mass media portrayals. Cults tend to feed upon this phenomenon by convincing their members the world is a harsh and dangerous place that will erode their values. People outside the cult are viewed as “sinners,” bad influences who will drag them down and threaten their salvation or enlightenment.

This paranoia only fuels cult isolationism.”

from Silenced. Cult Spotting

regarding repentance

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.47.37 PMThis is how I think it works. When we’re really sorry for our wrongs, we acknowledge them, we speak the truth, and then we go about the work of making things right and embracing change. Lesson learned. Our wrongs fade and become faint wisps of our past. The truth sets us free.

But when we tell lie upon lie to justify or cover up our dirty deeds, and point the blame to others, our wrongs only increase, they never go away, and in the end they bind us.

Family refuses to give up, despite being turned away at ACMTC compound

According to Julie, this is the guy who created the videos for the Green’s nasty fraudulent PX2 files.

Source: Family refuses to give up, despite being turn away at commune

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