A letter to Jim Green, from Julie Gudino, former member of ACMTC

Dear Jim Green, you have an opportunity now to do what you heart has always told you to do, dissolve the group and send them all home to their appropriate families!!

You’ve allowed these people to suffer for too long with Lila’s false proclamations. Now she’ll have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness for all the people she has harmed. I hope and pray that you will dig deep and find your peace with what has taken place, and all of Lila’s lies and secret devious plots against the past and present followers will pierce her heart and mind, if that’s even at all possible.

Honestly, I loved the both of you as my own parents, what you did to our family was unnecessary, and for many years you both falsely accused my family when all we did was sacrifice our own-selves for what you promised to be to us, true leaders with 100% support to the life we put into your care (my son). Instead you took his young life and you nearly destroyed him, and in the end you wanted to see him dead (when you asked us to send him to the Army to be punished I woke up and realized that you never had our interest at heart, but your own selfish gain). All those years I gave you both my trust and devotion, but the knife you put into my back will leave a scar that only this sort of justice will heal.
You and Lila can’t save the world, only Jesus can, and this is proof that God does bring justice. It’s time you find true salvation and let His people go!
For those 20 years I lived in silence, afraid of what speaking the truth would do to me, and the fear that I would lose grace with ACMTC, it’s been a slow process but I have enough voice to acknowledge and report the hideous acts of sin and death you brought me and other members who also gave their undying love to you.
Please, let the world know you’re sorry and pay the price for your actions!
Julie Gudino

FINALLY! Deborah Green arrested!

Source: Religious leader arrested for horrific crimes against children

TED-Ed – Why do people join cults?

Great little 6 minute clip written by Dr. Janja Lalich who was in a political cult. She shared her story on Investigation Discovery’s Dangerous Persuasions, Season 2 (Revolution Isn’t a Tea Party). She’s now a researcher focused on cult groups, specializing in charismatic authority, power relations, ideology, and social control.

Cult Warning Signs | Cult Methodology

TEN WARMING SIGNS, by cult expert Rick Ross
Source: Cult Warning Signs | Cult Methodology

Megan Phelps-Roper

Former Christian fundamentalist. Brilliant.

question anyway


Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps | Apologetics Index

Another good informational article re the history of ACMTC:

Source: Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps | Apologetics Index

saying goodbye


When we move to Sacramento to join the Greens, life gets uncomfortable quickly. Not the friendly gatherings I’d hoped for. Within a few months Jim, Lila and Steve decide my daughter Sarah (then 11) has to go live with her father who the day before served me with papers for visitation rights. Steve had said to him, “You’re not her father anymore.” Rick’s only sin is loving his daughter, he only wants his father’s rights of connection. But his influence they say is “worldly, and he’ll spoil her, and it’ll harm her and all the other children, too.” 

A few weeks after Sarah leaves my 13-year-old daughter Iantha (Rebekah) is put to the test. She’s close to my mom whom we thought we’d see more of when we moved to Sacramento. But one night at a meeting, Steve and the Greens tell her that grandma and grandpa are also “of the world, and she needs to choose between us or them. She says she wants to live with us. Steve thinks she needs her faith tested. “I want you to go live with them for a month,” he says, “and then you decide who you want to live with, us or them. You can’t have it both ways.

I stand up, take Iantha’s hand, and say, “You can’t do this to my daughter.”

Everyone’s quiet. The ride home is quiet. Nate has the sniffles. After the kids are in bed, Steve releases his anger. “Don’t you ever embarrass me like that again, do you hear?  We’re here to do the Lord’s work, and if you don’t want to be a part of what Gods’s doing, then you and the children can all go live with your mom and dad.” I’ve never seen him angry like this. I was 35 years old and two months pregnant.

So Iantha lives with them for a month then calls us and says she wants to come home. To Steve her decision isn’t evidence enough of her commitment, and as soon as she’s home he says to her, “Put the stuff your grandmother bought you in this box, and in the morning we’ll go to the post office and return everything. And I want you to write your grandmother, and tell her you’ll never see her again.”

Iantha’ letter:


being fooled

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Aggressive Christianity Exhibit

Aggressive Christianity Exhibit.

Well written article. Accurate too as I recall, except for a few details.  The Bear Tribe was in CA, not MO, and I didn’t sue the Greens the day after I left. It took awhile to process what I’d been though, to understand it, and only then had I the desire to expose them, to hold them accountable for all the awful things they do in the name of their God.