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Dr. Phil.com – Shows – Cult Confrontations.

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Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search

Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search.

“I Escaped a Cult”– Inside the Greens – Nat Geo TV Blogs

“I Escaped a Cult”– Inside the Greens – Nat Geo TV Blogs.

Comments on natgeo blog made by two former members, one my oldest son:

April 16, 2012, 4:26

“Dear People, I belonged to the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps for 20 Years.  I left the group in 2004, it’s important for people to understand that this group has done a lot of damage to destroy families and lives that were a big part of their organization. I have one son who I raise in the organization and by the mercies of the Lord he is standing on his own feet, as so am I. But to all those out there that have suffered tremendous pain and hurt mentally and emotionally due to groups such as this, my prayers and heart goes out to you and your families. There is so much more to tell in regards to the ACMTC group, I hope Maura’s story will enlighten the public, it is a chip of the iceberg, hopefully someday the group will come to it’s end.”


IMG_5335 2me, Abe and Julianna

December 13, 2012, 12:39 am

“I spent almost all of my childhood in this cult, got out when I turned 18. The person who donated his sperm to my mother (Steve AKA Phillip) is still in there. Yeah, they are a bunch of a$$ holes, and they certainly deserve to be dealt with. But what can be done? They continue to spread their hatred, and do their best to take advantage of gullible people, who are “searching”. I’m glad my mother did this show, she’s a strong person, and a great mother. The cult does their best to slander her, but anybody of sound mind can see right through their garbage.”



1993/me and Nate shortly after he walked away from ACMTC.

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #721: Jim & Lila Green

 Encyclopedia of American Loons: #721: Jim & Lila Green

to me, Stacy appears “shut-in”

If you ask me, I think Stacy appears “shut-in” here, lost, intimidated. My daughter Rebekah experienced similar trauma when she was ordered by the “Generals” to testify against me. Those within ACMTC dare not to question Deborah Green, whom they believe has a direct line to god.

General Deborah,

It makes me sick to see you rip off our daughters, our sons, and how you negate the very people who care about them the most, who’ll always love them, regardless. What’s inside of you that makes you this way, that makes you want to inflict deep emotional pain?

Your own daughter couldn’t stand you.

I was there when she ran away the first time. You and Jim were scheduled to fly to the Philippines, and you missed your flight, because Sarah ran away the morning of. When you found her, you and Jim took her to the Philippines the next week, and you made her stay there for 6 months after you returned. You were going to “teach her a lesson.”

Rebekah and Nate were there when she tried to kill herself the first time. When she ingested a bottle of aspirin, or Tylenol.

Like Rebekah, you married her off to a man >10 years older than she, Mike Brandon, AKA Peter Royce, AKA Peter Green, one of your top diehards. But that marriage didn’t work, did it? It didn’t keep her put.

I’m glad she’s free of you. I liked Sarah, thought she was a beautiful and smart girl, though definitely troubled inside. She had a good heart.

I’m glad she’s no longer livng under your dark cloud, your “covering.” I’m sad, though, for her children she left behind, and for her loss regarding them. I hope she has some sense of peace now.

So Deborah, what’s inside you that needs to control other people’s lives like this, other people’s loved ones, inflicting such lasting emotional pain?

Rebekah, Abe and Kay, former ACMTC members


better not wait, better believe or else!

You’re a “fool,” if you don’t believe, says Deborah. Yeah, she’s pretty confident about what she says—so was Charlie Manson and Jim Jones and David Koresh.

Lila Green, where’s your joy?


“general” Jim Green arrested


“General” James Green of Aggressive Christianity, “The Army That Sheds No Blood,” was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon Saturday around 1:40 p.m. at the Shim Ra Na Holy Tribal Nation, a farm 8.5 miles northwest of the junction of New Mexico Routes 117 and 36, near Fence Lake in the southwestern part of Cibola County.The Independent, Gallup NM/November 2, 2005.

James Green allegedly remarked he wanted his wife to go for a walk with him so he could kill her and the two men. He then armed himself, the report continued, with a hatchet, the pole with the curved knife at the end and stuck a hunting knife in his boot. Jordan and Peter Green armed themselves with the walking sticks.

See full artical from The Independent, Gallup NM/November 2, 2005 here:


Cult Education – Would-be victims beat religious leader.

Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps | Apologetics Index


Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps | Apologetics Index.

I LOST MY BROTHER TO The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corp – Factnet Forum


I LOST MY BROTHER TO The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corp – Factnet Forum.

Cast Iron Chaos: Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

imagesCast Iron Chaos: Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps.