It’s been a long drama, but after nearly twenty years the verdict regarding the transfer of my 1989 CA judgment to New Mexico, against the Greens, or ACMTC, is finally in, first from the court of appeals, then from the NM Supreme Court: my law suit is NOT time barred. Unbelievable, I know: it’s so ancient! Once again, my thoughts are that we reap what we sow. The Greens and their army of followers eluded this CA judgment for over 30 years, moving, changing personal names, changing organization’s name multiple times, purchasing property with cash, money orders, hiding properties under another’s name, and further hiding properties in fake trusts. Basically, their deceitful actions voided any time bar.

Dear Deborah Green, regarding PX2 file clips… .

short clip of “general” Deborah’s “crock of shit”

Lila Green,

Seriously, “no factual evidence?” Are you freaking serious? Do you intend to also inform the world that you failed to show up in court? Two times? Twice you refused to show up at your own trials, to present your so-called “evidence,” and debunk mine. Instead, you choose to hit the road and run!

You’d never let anyone “do unto you as you’ve done unto others,” would you, Mrs. Green? Be judged? You’ve got to be the one in the high seat, the judge’s seat. So “Christian” of you.

“Judge not that ye be not judged.” 

You stoop to low levels to protect your delusions of grandeur, don’t you, “judge” Deborah? Who’s using their imagination? Who has fixed the stage so that you’re the “General of God’s army, His prophet, and His judge?”


Look at what you’ve created in your life, Mrs. Green–yours and everyone elses you’ve mingled with. You put yourself in the high seat, and you see your image crumbling, and it terrifies you–and it’s not because you’re being persecuted,

…it’s because you’re being exposed!

no fair trial?

Clip from  natgeo documentary:

Clip from ACMTC’s website:

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No fair trial? Twice the Greens choose to not show up in court to defend themselves at their own trials, first in California and then again in New Mexico. Instead they took to defending themselves with lies via their website. How fair and just is that?

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Clips from ACMTC’s Website:

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Media clip/ Abe back in the day/ late 80’s                                 


um, that’s not what I said… .

What they say I said—“I have no fear of God.” Above is a short clip from one of about forty 15 minute videos produced by ACMTC. They edited it to have me say something I didn’t.

What I said—“I have no fear of them.” I know Deborah thinks she’s god, but clearly, omitting a word and inserting another is a tool of deception.

Million Dollar Lie Exposed, part 2

If the first letter wasn’t bad enough Deborah Green wrote a second, again ordering Rebekah to sign it in front of a notary.

I know; I’ve been there: there’s a lot more hell than there is heaven inside ACMTC. The members under Deborah and Jim’s watch are drilled to fight emotion, sentimentality, and doubt, all depicted as demons standing on shoulders whispering in our ears. Nothing stands between God and his soldiers.

Twenty Million Dollar Lie Exposed! Part 2 

“As we as a family became increasingly affiliated with James an Lila Green, our lifestyle began to improve and through their wise counsel directed by the Lord Jesus, we began to come up out of poverty and a drug ridden life-style. There we began to face the process of becoming civilized after so many ears of wanton, wild, and undisciplined behavior. My mother greatly envied Lila Green who had a good job at the UCD Medical Center. My mother always had time for many complaints and everyone worked overtime to try and help her out of her dependent, willful, sniveling mindset. My stepfather and I did most of the work. My mother has had a long history of being incapable of managing children and both he (Steve) and I dreaded to see them subject to the abuse and neglect she was so capable of. She was also frequently given to repeating her sexual exploits to my stepfather and anyone else who would listen. She was quite proud of her sexual conquests and she would pick fights with my stepfather by telling him all of the men she had sex with. 

My mother was always whining about everything. She enjoyed letting the younger children run wild and create havoc. I can remember countless times she would run and tell lies on my stepfather, causing him to come into reproach and then other times she would complain that I never helped her do anything although I tried very hard to please her. She was continually jealous of other women. 

My mother was chosen by the Generals to go [to Africa] because they felt it might help her to grow up and not be so selfish. She complained about the trip and behaved as a child, constantly acting strange, showing off her vaginal area whenever she could through propping her legs and opening them in unbecoming manners. We were all embarrassed by her. 

After my mother returned from Africa, she continued to complain about everything. She would drink Magnesium Citrate for lunch and complain about getting fat. When she worked with a male employee who was not a member of FLM she repeatedly gave the inference that they were having an affair. During this time she developed an attraction towards several of the young men, and her shift was rotated to keep her from being with any of them, she made an open confession before the body that she was an habitual masturbator and that her husband did not satisfy her.  Of course, this caused embarrassment to my stepfather, yet he continued to try and help her as did the Generals. 

She tried to disannul my step father’s divorce and lost that one, then she threatened that she would sue LIla Green before it was all over and destroy her. She has threatened Lila Green on numerous occasions and also prophesied the judgment of General Lila and called her the mother of lies. 

During the time she was messing with my stepfather, she had custody of my brother, Jona during the week. He saw her and Bob Blasier’s secretary making love on the living room floor. She also beat my brother and left marks on him, ripping his shirt and scratching him. The secretary of attorney Blasier tried to also seduce my bother. 

The TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR LIE is obviously the biggest one ever told.”

signed, Rebekah Warren—written by “general” Deborah Green.

Both letters, 1 and 2, were sent to the below:



Deborah’s “20 million dollar lie” letter, part 1

Twenty Million Dollar Lie Part 1

Below are excerpts from “TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR LIE EXPOSED,” part one, written by Deborah Green who then ordered my daughter Rebekah to sign.  The original copy is 5 pages of small font, and so here I’ve edited it to reduce size. Like Deborah’s so-called prophesies, this heap of crap is redundant, drags out to great length, and full of Deborah’s dirty imaginings. I am not going type it all out, but I will copy and paste the whole thing.

I am writing, not as a member of Free Love Ministries, but as the daughter of the claimant in the $20 million lawsuit against Free Love Ministries.”

“My mother claimed that F.L.M. forced her to live like an animal for several months during which time they inflicted (according to her own imagination) punishments upon her. My mother claimed that they brain washed her. When she tried to stop the divorce and disannul (sic) it, her case lost in the courts.” (I never tried to annul it—the evidence of proof is on her, and there is none.)

“I am personally angered at my mother’s lying accusations and the stupidity of the courts and the public to buy her twenty million dollar lie.

“During her pregnancy with me, she was shacking up with a heroin addict who overdosed himself before I was born, she said he ‘got off on pregnant women.’ The tragic truth is: my mother forced me to live like an animal for many years from my birth up until she pursued her wanton and careless lifestyle, living a life of drugs, crime, promiscuity, group orgies, weird satanic religious rituals. She always had time for her countless lovers, her adventures into the dark regions of Satanic demon worship, and her drugs—but not her children. She was a full blown drug addict . I was left to be anyones’ prey during the group sex my mother was so fond of participating in. 

“When my mother was participating in her group sex orgies, she would often times allow me to be used and passed around. I was forced to participate in their weird and perverted religious activities, which were a mixture of Indian religion, demonic necromancy (communication with the dead) and sex and drug idolatry. When she gave birth to my sister, Sarah, they dedicated her to a demon and cooked her after birth. A portion of the afterbirth was also kept in a leather pouch as a ‘charm.’

“She was fond of photographing her daughters naked, and sent nude photos of us to the Generals Green who were living in Kentucky. My mother practiced using all kinds of herbs and was even able to give herself an abortion with black cohosh, she was proud of her results. My mother lived with me, my sister and two men as her lovers. She also enjoyed lesbian affairs.

“She never stops to consider the YEARS OF ANGUISH, PAIN AND SORROW SHE CAUSED TO BE CARVED INTO MY TENDER CHILD’S HEART.”  Whenever we did have food, my mother would mix in large amounts of marijuana so that everyone could continue to get “high.”

“During the times we lived in the town of French Gulch, the fornication flings of my mother were done when my stepfather was gone. My mother frequently dug our food out of dumpsters because she had to spend any money on marijuana. 

“Generals James and Lila Green began to visit us, driving 3 hours one way to bringing us groceries and money. We loved their visits as children because they would bring us food. My sister, Lillian almost died at the age of one month because of my mother’s neglect. 


Compare these letters with Steve’s letter below.


disturbing… .

Below are copies of “general” Deborah Green’s prophesies I extracted from their website during the time when I crossed borders into New Mexico with my California judgment. Notice the date of the “Notice of Presentment” and the dates of “general” Deborah Green’s so-called prophesies. Do you think there’s any connection? Do you think these prophesies were regarding me?

Fear and intimidation are her tools. Jim’s nicer. I saw some caring and kindness in him. He’s under her shroud, too. That’s why my focus is mostly on exposing the lady who controls everything that goes on behind the scenes. She’s the one who claims to get instructions straight from god.

IMG_5379Dated July 28th, 2004  Notice of Presentment

Don’t bother trying to read them.  There are shortened excerpts below, but look at the dates.

IMG_5387July 13, 2004


July 13, 2004 Excerpt (entire prophesy 2 pages long)

“I speak unto thee this day and I say that I the Living God do vindicate myself upon the wicked. I say when they choose to oppose me, and when they despise my people, I will vindicate myself upon them. For I speak unto thee this day and I say that it is me the living God who does get my vengeance and I do repay. It is me the Living God who is able to bring them down, who is able to render them lifeless. I say that when men are in opposition unto me the Living God I say that I may do away with them even in an instant . That is I may cause them to die. I may cause them to be lost and their souls to be damned. 

I say when you see wicked men who have spread themselves out as though they would remain, know that they too shall pass. Know that they shall be overwhelmed, they shall be destroyed, they shall be distraught. I say that they will cry out and their shall be none to deliver them in the day of their great distress. I say that I the Living God may come upon them and there is nothing that they may do to protect themselves. I say when men will heap up their wickedness I say the time comes that I have had enough of them. I say that wicked and evil men are moved when I deem it necessary to do so. I say that I take them out of the way. I say that I bring forth my beloved, my righteous, my chosen ones as it pleases me. I say this day to be looking unto me and not looking to the plots of the wicked, for I say they shall be done away with... .” 

Again, save your eyes. Shortened excerpt below.


Sept. 5, 2004

THE WICKED SEEK TO OVERTAKE GOD’S TRUE PEOPLE, BUT THEY WILL NOT PREVAIL.  SEPT. 5, 2004 Excerpt (entire prophesy 3 pages long)

 “I speak unto thee this day and I say though the wicked may plot against the just they shall not prevail.  I say though the wicked may seek to overtake those who are in right standing with me I say that they shall not prevail against them. I say that it is me the Living God who does stand with the upright, who does keep my people. I say that it is me the Living God who does lead my people forth by a plain path, who does direct their steps.  When my people who are called by my name will be looking unto me I say that they are kept. I say that they are kept in the mercy, they are kept in the love, they are kept in the tender kindness of who I am. I say that it is me the Living God who shall strengthen them that they could come forth in me.  I say the wicked are seeking to overthrow, seeking to undermine, seeking to destroy my beloved. I say the wicked will gnash day and night with their wicked teeth upon those who are right in my sight. But I say they shall not prevail, for I the Living God will not allow it to be so. I say I will keep my people upright as they keep their vision singled upon me… .” 




divorces and name changes in 1987


I found this in old files today, information gathered in the late 1980’s. Lila (Deborah) prophesied judgment over me in January of ’87. “God’s bringing us into a new dispensation,” she said. “God’s judgment is here, and judgment begins in the house of the Lord.”

So as they were getting rid of me, they were getting rid of other wives, too, wives like me who didn’t measure up for God’s army. We questioned. We put our armour down. We “listened to the devil, to demons, to the voices inside our heads.” We leaned on the side of our own understanding. “Unfaithful women. Backsliders. Whores. Witches!” 

After 3 of us women were ostracized to the shed and given the names of Forsaken, Barren and Despised, the insiders began changing their names, too. Lila became Deborah. Steve became Philip.

They live with no identity trail, no paper trail, no financial trail. They claim to have taken a “vow of poverty.” They deal with cash only. Men with dependents who’ve been coerced by the Greens to “forsake their children for God,” let driver’s licenses expire so they can’t be traced to pay child support.

No paper trail, no financial trail. When they trashed their property in Sacramento and moved to Oregon, a member’s father hid the Green’s personal property under his name. When they fled rural Oregon, unwelcomed by the community there, they purchased  land in remote Fence Lake New Mexico using $500,000 in money orders.

Hiding assets—that’s “how” my California judgment crossed into New Mexico. Statue of limitations is the issue. My N.M. suit has nothing to do with what they did or didn’t do in California, it has to do with them ignoring the judgment, going from state to state hiding assets—in which case the statue of limitaions may be determined null.

more old media clips… . circa 1988

Abe shorly after leaving ACMTC.

trail of lies

When we received a monetary judgment against ACMTC in the 80′s, they destroyed their properties, and afterwards claimed that we did it, that we vandalized the property we’d just acquired, like that makes a whole lot of sense. Why would we do that?  So we could sell a property few people would want to buy?

Below: Former ACMTC “soldier,” Abraham Lawrence.

Below: Outside wittness

Below: Deborah Lying

Above: Seriously Deborah? That makes so much sense that we’d do that!