more old media clips… . circa 1988

Abe shorly after leaving ACMTC.

trail of lies

When we received a monetary judgment against ACMTC in the 80′s, they destroyed their properties, and afterwards claimed that we did it, that we vandalized the property we’d just acquired, like that makes a whole lot of sense. Why would we do that?  So we could sell a property few people would want to buy?

Below: Former ACMTC “soldier,” Abraham Lawrence.

Below: Outside wittness

Below: Deborah Lying

Above: Seriously Deborah? That makes so much sense that we’d do that!

she could have sent me to the streets to push a shopping cart… .

Who’s telling the truth?

I never said I was “locked” inside that shed!

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.04.10 PM

I never (ever) claimed I was locked up inside that shed! I made it clear in my court deposition that I was free to leave, but I was afraid to leave. I stated the same to all news media, although some (it’s true) failed to report it right. That’s called bad or wrongly informed journalism.

Yes, Dr. Phil in the beginning of his Cult Confrontations show did say I was “locked up.” He got that wrong. But if you go beyond the beginning of the show, to where he actually interacts with me—I corrected him then and there! 

Here’s what I said in my court document:

IMG_4015 (3) IMG_4016

And here’s what I told the news media:

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Here’s where I corrected Dr. Phil of his error on his show:

you lie Philip Jordan!

Seriously Philip? Is that the best you have? Rebekah and I are lazy b-u-t-t-s, and you’re too decent a guy to say the word “butts?”  

I worked for twenty-two years as a registered nurse taking full responsibility for our children! We never got a dime of support from you. You changed your name, moved to a different state, and let your drivers license expire, like the other absent fathers in there who gave their children up to follow your god.  


regarding “colonel” Philip Jordan’s (Steve’s) letter

Steve, AKA Philip Jordan, wrote this letter to me about a decade and a half ago in his own pen, signed by other ACMTC members as witnesses. Interesting how Philip Jordan and Deborah and Jim Green change their stories, the very thing they say I do. 

When you’re on the hot seat in ACMTC, God’s (or Deborah’s) wrath permeates the place, and all eyes fall on the perpetrator, which in this case, let’s say, is you.

After being utterly shamed in front of all your brothers and sisters in Christ, and after being fully doused with the prophesies of judgment rolling angrily out of the mouth of God’s end-day prophet, then come the days, the weeks, the months of quiet apprehension, as you await god’s final word regarding your fate as a dishonored soldier of god, when god will tell Deborah and then she will tell everybody else. You’re on high alert, your senses acute. You can feel your heart beat fast and hard and you can hear a moth beating itself against a light bulb nearby.

You rebuke all thoughts of doubt regarding the reality of what they—and what you—believe. You’ve been drilled since day one in god’s army that these thoughts are not your own. They are the voices of demons trying to get inside your head, trying to bamboozle you, to turn you into an enemy of the god you think you serve.

And so you’re in the hot seat, and you put all doubt or self-defense underfoot. You rebuke doubt, you stomp on it, and you command it to leave “in the name of Jesus Christ.” You plead the blood of Jesus, and you just hope to god that you’re still covered.

It could go either way. Either god will eventually cast you into the lake of fire where nearly everyone on earth is going (except them, your spiritual family), or you demonstrate before god and his prophet that you submit whole-heartedly to god’s will, and you let god break you again so you can again be transformed into a vessel for his light, and you let him purify you as if by fire until there is no more of YOU left.

In quiet fear you allow the powers that are BE. Your place in eternity depends upon it. Nothing matters more.

You wait in quiet, a solitary place, ex-communicated from the company of your spiritual family, and then one of them comes up to you and gives you a pen and some paper and tells you to write. You’re fearful but you’re hopeful. This may be a good sign, or maybe it’s a last ditched effort to get yourself saved again. And so with sweat and tears you pour your despondent heart upon paper, and you “fess-up” to how utterly wretched you are, how wicked and self-centered you are, and how everything bad happening in the camp is because of you.

The above said, ex-members Angelina and Rachel both say Steve (Philip) was in the hot seat when he wrote this letter. That’s not to say that I doubt its contents. His confessions regarding himself I believe are true. The man I once thought my prince charming turned out to be an abuser, a big bully who “lorded” it over me and the kids. Then he dumped us to serve his god.

I couldn’t see back then, my lens smudged, fogged by unawareness and pompous smoke. But I can see clearly now.

Monster Awakening/Regarding ACMTC


Events in 2012 evoked the sleeping monster that lie dormant in the recesses of my mind. This blog results from them.

For beginners, on Feb 1 of 2012, after years of trying to hold accountable the founders of ACMTC (Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps) for what they say and for what they do in the name of their god, on neutral ground—in a court of law—a second trial day was set.

James and Deborah Green, self-appointed “Generals” of “god’s end day army,” David Gain (AKA Col. Wright), who initially financed ACMTC, and Steve Schmierer (AKA Philip Jordan), the Green’s first stalwart, my ex, and father of three of my children: these three are named defendants in a California judgment I hold.

These four—as well as a few other religious diehards behind their doors—are the ones I bring into question. I can’t see inside peoples hearts, as Deborah Green claims to be able to do, but I’m guessing that there are more than a few current ACMTC members who are as miserable as I was when I was in there. They live within a prison, not a literal physical prison with bars and locks, but a mental prison with bars and locks, a prison with few windows to see out of.

On January 31, 2012 I and three other former ACMTC members flew to Grants New Mexico to see them in court. We figured beforehand they wouldn’t show up, just as they didn’t show the first time they were summoned to court back in the late 80’s. From get-go they’ve dodged my California suit, and then judgment, hiding assets and playing keep away and hide and seek.

We were right. They didn’t show.

This story would be long behind them had they only exited Sacramento properly—had they not instead vindicated my truth with their lies, not to mention destroy their Sacramento Compound in the wake of their wrath. They were four lovely older homes with windows shattered, plumbing ripped out, electrical wires severed, walls hedge-hammered, wood floors and roofs axed.

Passerby’s saw them do it. Ex-members tell stories of doing it. Yet Jim and Deborah Green maintain, not only that they didn’t do it, but that my attorney was “indirectly responsible for the vandalism.”



Deep concern for the facts? Why has neither a judge or a jury heard both sides of the story? No fair trial? CAN THEY NOT SEE HOW INSANE THAT STATEMENT IS?

Dear Deborah, Jim and Philip,

What the hell is a judge to think or do if you—all of you—fail to appear in court, at your own trail, at a given time to represent and defend yourselves? 

Afraid of putting your hands on your holy Bible and lying? No? Then why not just present all your facts? Because your Bible says not to? 

So, you think you’re so strong and powerful? Let me see one of you bench press the weight of the shame that you’ve piled upon somebody else.