getting unstuck

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regarding repentance

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.47.37 PMThis is how I think it works. When we’re really sorry for our wrongs, we acknowledge them, we speak the truth, and then we go about the work of making things right and embracing change. Lesson learned. Our wrongs fade and become faint wisps of our past. The truth sets us free.

But when we tell lie upon lie to justify or cover up our dirty deeds and point the blame to others, our wrongs only increase, they never go away, and in the end they bind us.

false thoughts

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being positive

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the flip side of mindfulness


I think the flip side of mindfulness is to ignore or turn off our inner voice, our conscience or consciousness, our mind, our voice of reason, our heart, and instead turn on someone else’s. We let someone else tell us what to think, what to believe, and what to do with or lives, forfeiting our own investigative rights, suspending our judgment, and putting our destiny into his or her or their hands. There is little freedom and no authenticity in that.

being bamboozled

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question anyway


it’s never too late

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an open mind

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only love can drive out hate

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