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Martha Chavarria joined ACMTC about a year before I left. She was a beautiful younger woman with a gentle, sweet spirit. Steve (my ex), AKA Philip, married her 6 months after I was kicked out on the street. I was the lucky one.

Early in their marriage they had a baby girl, Hannah, and I forgot who told me, either Rebekah or Kay Dye, but Steve did not go with her to the hospital, because according to Lila she was already idolizing her child.

Years later Martha became ill, and per one former member she sought medical care while out selling bread, and when Deborah found out about it Martha was shamed in front of everybody for not trusting in God.

So she died and her body’s buried on the Green’s God forsaken land. I saw a picture of her grave with a sign over it. It read, “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.” Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 3.37.23 PM


Deborah’s eyes

Look into her eyes. She made us feel like she could see right through us, into us, things we couldn’t see ourselves. She claimed God let her see into people’s hearts. She’d say things I knew were not true of me nor others, but I’d believe her anyway.

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never sought media attention

I just want to say this about all the media attention I’ve received regarding ACMTC: I never sought any of it. The media has always come to me—channel 13 news, The Reporters, Dr. Phil, National Geographic, Biography Channel, Investigation Discovery times two, and now People’s Magazine. Often I’ve said no. I don’t enjoy looking back. It puts my head back in that dark hole. But then I’d be persuaded: the Greens ought be held accountable, people ought be made aware of cults and mind control. Some I wish I’d never participated in, like Dr. Phil’s show Cult Confrontations (never him again!), and National Geographic’s I escaped a cult. Both were uncomfortable, not so friendly interviews.

how much they hate me

MS is Maura Schmierer, Bob B. is my CA attorney Bob Blasier, and Rick R. is cult expert Rick Ross, and Rob who wrote this email is a former member who when he wrote it still paid the Greens allegiance. Rob has a catatonic seizure disorder that the Greens claimed was healed after they cast out his demons, so he stopped taking his medication, became very ill, wouldn’t eat, lost about 40 lbs, and began hallucinating and having seizures. ACMTC unloaded him in front of a mental hospital. (At least they did that!) Didn’t even walk him in, they just dropped him off. I rarely go to ACMTC’s website, the sight of it makes me sick. I just want to give you a peak of how they’ve attacked me, us, all these years.

From ACMTC’s Website
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who’re the real character assassins?

From ACMTC’s website:Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 4.51.00 PM



THIS IS CALLED GASLIGHTING. What they say of me and others is true of them. They’re the real liars, tyrants and terrorists. And what they call persecution, we call being held accountable. 


Investigation Discovery

If you missed the premiere of ID’s series on cults, you can watch it here for free: investigationdiscovery.com. Also available for purchase from Amazon.

Plato’s dream cave world

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.06.01 PM   Jon Kabat-Zinn

“people don’t understand because they’re not one of us”

“…there is a sense, spoken or unspoken, that others will not understand what we’re all about… . There’s an assumption that 1), what we say, know or do is a result of our being more enlightened than others; 2) that others will not understand unless they become one of us; and 3, that others will respond negatively.

In a place where authority is…legislated, not simply demonstrated, persecution sensitivity builds a case for keeping everything within the system. Why? Because of the evil, dangerous people outside the system who are trying to weaken or destroy ‘us.’ This mentality builds a strong wall or bunker around the abusive system, isolates the abusers from scrutiny and accountability, and makes it more difficult for people to leave.”

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen