follow the leader

“There have always been those ‘true believers,’ possessing fanatical faiths, incredible dedication, who have been willing to yield their identity to a group and sacrifice their lives for a holy cause. Convinced that they are in possession of some irresistible power and are the sole repositories of ‘the truth,’ zealots of both political and religious causes have time and again engaged in the transcendental game of  follow the leader.” 

Ronald Enroth, author of Churches that Abuse, and Recovering from Churches that Abuse.

if you correct your mind

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the psychology of the cult experience – The New York Times


People Magazine Investigates: Cults — Aggressive Christianity Missions — Maura Schmierer

—>Source: People Magazine Investigates: Cults — Aggressive Christianity Missions — Maura Schmierer

When a Narcissist “Gets Religion,” You Get Screwed! | Narcissism Meets Normalcy

—>Source: When a Narcissist “Gets Religion,” You Get Screwed! | Narcissism Meets Normalcy

hiding pain

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Martha Chavarria joined ACMTC about a year before I left. I remember her as a beautiful younger woman with a sweet and kind heart, or soul, or spirit, or what ever you want to call her essence. Steve (my ex), AKA Philip, married her 6 months after I was kicked out on the street. I was the lucky one.

I was told by one former member that early on in their marriage they had a baby girl, Hannah. In pictures she’s beautiful. According to same ex-member, Steve didn’t go to the hospital with Martha when she went into labor, because according to Lila, Martha was already idolizing her child.

Years later Martha became ill, and per another former member who was there at the time, Martha at least once went to see a doctor while out selling bread, but when Deborah Green found out about it she shamed her in front of everyone. She “wasn’t trusting God.” Not good enough. Not seeking God enough. Or she had hidden sin.

So she died and her body’s buried on the Green’s God forsaken land. I saw a picture of her grave with a sign over it that read, “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.”  Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 3.37.23 PM


Deborah’s eyes

Look into her eyes. She made us feel like she could see right through us, into our souls, things we couldn’t ourselves see. She’d be outside hanging wet clothes on the line and having conversations with God, and he’d tell her what’s in people’s hearts. She’d say things about me and others that I knew weren’t true, but we’d believed her anyway. She had that kind of power over us. Cross her and you’re on the wrong side with God.

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never sought media attention

I just want to say this about all the media attention I’ve received regarding ACMTC over the years: I never sought any of it. The media has always come to me—channel 13 news, The Reporters, Dr. Phil, National Geographic, Biography Channel, Investigation Discovery times two, and now People’s Magazine. Sometimes I’ve said no, but then I’d be persuaded: people ought be made aware of the Greens and of cults and mind control in general. Some I wish I’d never participated in, esp. Dr. Phil’s show Cult Confrontations, and to a lesser degree National Geographic’s I escaped a cult. Both were uncomfortable, not so friendly interviews.

Deborah’s vision

Deborah’s vision, copied from ACMTC’s website. Prophetic? Why do so many cult leaders glorify suffering for God?

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