how much they hate me

MS is Maura Schmierer, Bob B. is my CA attorney Bob Blasier, and Rick R. is cult expert Rick Ross, and Rob, who wrote this email, is a former member who when he wrote this still gave the Greens allegiance. Rob has a catatonic seizure disorder that the Greens claimed was healed after they cast out his demons, so he stopped taking his medication, became very ill, wouldn’t eat, lost about 40 lbs, and began hallucinating and having seizures. ACMTC unloaded him in front of a mental hospital. (At least they did that!) Didn’t even walk him in, they just dropped him off. I rarely go to ACMTC’s website, the sight of it makes me sick. I just want to give you a peak of how they’ve attacked me, us, all these years.

From ACMTC’s Website
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who’re the real character assassins?

From ACMTC’s website:Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 4.51.00 PM



THIS IS CALLED GASLIGHTING. What they say of me and others is true of them. They’re the real liars, tyrants and terrorists. And what they call persecution, we call being held accountable


Plato’s dream cave world

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.06.01 PM   Jon Kabat-Zinn

“people don’t understand because they’re not one of us”

“…there is a sense, spoken or unspoken, that others will not understand what we’re all about… . There’s an assumption that 1), what we say, know or do is a result of our being more enlightened than others; 2) that others will not understand unless they become one of us; and 3, that others will respond negatively.

In a place where authority is…legislated, not simply demonstrated, persecution sensitivity builds a case for keeping everything within the system. Why? Because of the evil, dangerous people outside the system who are trying to weaken or destroy ‘us.’ This mentality builds a strong wall or bunker around the abusive system, isolates the abusers from scrutiny and accountability, and makes it more difficult for people to leave.”

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen

new docudrama re ACMTC: Army of God

The Investigation Discovery Channel and People’s magazine have partnered to create a new series about cults called People Magazine Investigates: Cults. The series premiers on June 4th and the episode regarding ACMTC (Army of God) airs on July 2nd.

People Magazine Investigates: CULTS explores how destructive and terrifying cults can be to cult members and their families.  Each of the 6 one-hour episodes dives deep inside a twisted American cult, building to that pivotal moment when blind worship turns violent and even deadly.  From Jonestown to the Army of God, PEOPLE reporters are on the front lines, revealing the untold stories of power-crazed cult leaders using mind control, sex, and violence to manipulate and dominate followers. Each episode follows PEOPLE’s trusted journalists as they doggedly investigate the evolution of these cults, expose their bizarre and brutal day-to-day rituals, and speak first-hand to survivors who narrowly escaped lives of misery to put their cult nightmares finally behind them.”  DiscoveryIncTV

where things stand now

All five ACMTC members who were jailed for failure to register their children’s births are out on bail. Stacey Miller whose child died inside ACMTC is also out on bail. Remaining behind bars are those who I think deserve being there: Deborah, Jim and maybe Peter Green.

I say maybe Peter, because Rachel and Johanna who left ACMTC 20 years after I describe Peter as a real gentleman. “Peter was always very respectful. It’s just sad to me that he is a brown-nosed Lila all these years, and this is where it’s gotten him. And believe me I believe Miracle has every right to hate them all. I just hope that the right people get blamed for the right things,”  Johanna says. We don’t wish for any member to be accused wrongly. We just want Jim and especially Lila to be held accountable for the harm they’ve done. Lila’s the gang leader, but Jim has long been her accomplice. And if Peter’s done the crime, then he should do the time.

Stacey Miller’s trial is tentatively set for September. I’ve been subpoenaed. I’ve never met Stacey. It’s been 30 years ago for me, but I will never forget the spiritual and mental chokehold Deborah had on me, regarding my children, regarding everything. Peter Green’s trial is scheduled for the end of October into November. Jim’s is scheduled for late November to the 21st of December. I think all the trials will be by jury. My son Nathan and I are on the witness list for Jim’s trial. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. Him 22, me 30 years! Twice I’ve had trial dates with Jim and Deborah Green, and twice they didn’t show up. Didn’t show for their own trial. This time I know they’ll be there.

Deborah’s trial date hasn’t been scheduled. I’ve don’t know why she’s last.

If you’re curious about charges and the progression of things, you can find a lot out at New Mexico Court Case Lookup.

people don’t just choose to join a cult

“Many people think a cult is just a strange religion or strange set of belief systems, but the defining factors are more the abusive things, like having rights and freedoms taken away from members, and then instilling in them an extremism, and a sense of black-and-white thinking.

People don’t go down a list of known cults, choose one and think, this is the philosophy that best suits me. The key thing to remember is that they don’t know what they’re joining — this is where coercion comes into it.

If people knew upfront what all the beliefs of the group were they would probably never join, but it’s a slow process where the inside doctrine of a group is released over time.

Tore Klevjer, former Children of God member for 11 years.

—>Source: Life in a cult: ‘Like an extreme version of domestic violence’ – RN – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Jo Thornely with Michael Beveridge, re ACMTC

Except for the sad part about 12 year old Enoch’s death, this is pretty funny.

meet Silas

Meet Silas, a royal kitty. He rules my neighborhood. He’s not my cat, but he’s at my house more than he’s not. He sleeps at the foot of my bed! His real mom lives next-door, and because of him she and I are good friends. She shares him with me! He gives me a lot of comfort and joy, and has taught me that cats too have souls.

me & si

common characteristics of cult leaders

Good article below by Randall Watters regarding characteristics common to cult leaders. Spot on regarding Jim and Lila Green. Here’s a snippet.

“Their ego and sense of self-importance swells, and they lose all accountability to anyone else. They see themselves as the only ones truly doing God’s work.

Their sense of righteousness and their simplistic black and white mentality cause them to wage war against the agents of the devil; i.e., outsiders. The followers are indoctrinated with a persecution complex and a deep sense of paranoia towards the world. They will finally only trust and obey their one leader or organizational dictates. They have a righteous cause, which tends to alleviate their own consciousness of guilt and failure, and this becomes a drug that insures their continued obedience with a fanaticism that no logic seems able to dismantle.

The Bible is written to them and about them, indeed it cannot be understood without them in mind. The cult leader practices various forms of mind control over his followers, including control of their thoughts, their emotions, and their behavior, as well as restricting what they are allowed to read or listen to.

Cult leaders keep their followers so busy that they do not have time to return to previous, more intuitive and natural ways of thinking. Such ways of thinking are now seen as worldly or “of the devil.”—>Source: Profile of a Cult Leader |

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