Steve’s Letter

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 7.03.49 PM                                      From left: Steve, Jim, Bernie. Circa 1984-85

images-80.                                                          Steve, Circa 2014-16

I received this letter from Steve (the ex), AKA Col. Philip Jordan about 8-10 years after Deborah Green announced me a woman “judged and forsaken by god.” During a so-called court hearing (presided by judge Deborah and Jim Green) I was declared rebellious, and guilty of spiritual adultery, meaning I put my children before God and his army.

Later they changed it to the real thing (flat-out adultery). I guess at some point their god must have told them computers weren’t evil anymore, because they took to the internet to spread their hateful lies and propaganda. Regarding me they circulated stories that I was in multiple affairs, with my attorney, my attorney’s secretary, paster of the church I attended after being kicked out of ACMTC. They said that when I was in Africa all I could think of was having sex with a black man, and that at their headquarters in Sacramento I had sex with a young ACMTC convert in the back seat of Jim Green’s Chevy Nova, ruining his life forever.

In this letter Steve (AKA Philip) blames himself for everything that came down on me back in the 80’s, saying “the Generals really hoped for the restoration of our marriage.”

REally? Deborah Green says she’s god’s prophet. God talks to her; he shows her what’s in people’s hearts. She’s the one who prophesied judgment over me, declared me “forsaken by god,” and named me  “Forsaken.”

Her wrath was and is all over me. She hated me because I doubted her, the wrathful god that she and Jim taught, I doubted you, my conscience stuggling to just come up for air. I’ve never felt hatred like I’ve felt it from her, and then you. And now you all hate me all the more, because I’m spoiling your delusional gig.  

Steve lying during a news conference, 1989

Below are snippets of Steve’s hand written letter I typed—I didn’t want to type the whole ugly thing. Link to full hand written letter is below. 

In the start of our relationship, I lusted after you. Not that I loved you at all, but I lusted for the sex and to be hypocritical over you, that my false authority could rule, knowing full well that my own personality would rule and dominate yours. That’s the way I wanted it, so that’s the way it was from the beginning. I was a cruel oppressor and at times very mean to you over nothing.

Secondly and not at all the least important, I corrupted our relationship by lusting after your daughter even when she was 11 years old. Even though I never had sex with her nor fondled her I did it in my mind, yes my dirty filthy thinking mind and at times using it as a means of masturbation.

It is me that’s been the true snake and a real wretch towards you. Why? Because these have been hidden sins that have cast a shadow on your life and have caused much hurt between you and others of God’s people that have no fault at all.

My concern ended up being on my own power complex. Honestly, I have put myself first on everything, almost a cold calculated drive deep inside of see me first and you last, me look good, you looking bad, me on top, you on the bottom.

You know yourself I had real trouble lusting after other women. What about Dolores? I burned in lust for her constantly. So we need to look at who’s real fault this breaking up is attributed to. Please listen to this because it is my last chance to get right with God and with you. It comes to the point my days are limited. I have wrecked, literally ruined too many lives at this point for what, a little false position and authority.

Now from the first I have lusted for general Deborah; it was an ongoing affair in my own mind, my refusal to really come clean at that time, my vile nasty mental outlook caused the ultimate separation to start with, the two flesh becoming one, so my sins worked out in you. I used you to carry out my inward destruction of everyone, and why? I couldn’t get my own way.

From the first in our temporary separation I was so glad to be free of you, to dump you. I had my own motives.

Living in the shed was my idea. No, they didn’t take your husband. On the contrary, they hoped for the restoration, but i perpetuated the opposite, strife and discord, because I didn’t want you back again! Why? Because I was already in the process of lusting after every woman left at Fort Freedom. I was an uncontrollable lust dog. Even the Generals rebuked me for my desire for another wife. Or I should say, my desire to use another woman. Its the power over others, and the lust upon others that has controlled me. Along with this murderous spirit towards you, wishing evil would overtake. It’s been me all along that started this war between you and the ministry, because I didn’t get my way, my self lifted up above others.

I had you looking like a goole to everyone. Not one kind word did I say. It was “get her while she was down,” and they, the Generals, Col. Wright and others have taken the blame. But it was me covering up myself that I would come out looking good, looking clean in the eyes of men.”


Steve's Letter pg 1

Click HERE to read full hand written letter