Dear Deborah Green, regarding PX2 file clips… .

short clip of “general” Deborah’s “crock of shit”

Lila Green,

Seriously, “no factual evidence?” Are you freaking serious? Do you intend to also inform the world that you failed to show up in court? Two times? Twice you refused to show up at your own trials, to present your so-called “evidence,” and debunk mine. Instead, you choose to hit the road and run!

You’d never let anyone “do unto you as you’ve done unto others,” would you, Mrs. Green? Be judged? You’ve got to be the one in the high seat, the judge’s seat. So “Christian” of you.

“Judge not that ye be not judged.” 

You stoop to low levels to protect your delusions of grandeur, don’t you, “judge” Deborah? Who’s using their imagination? Who has fixed the stage so that you’re the “General of God’s army, His prophet, and His judge?”


Look at what you’ve created in your life, Mrs. Green–yours and everyone elses you’ve mingled with. You put yourself in the high seat, and you see your image crumbling, and it terrifies you–and it’s not because you’re being persecuted,

…it’s because you’re being exposed!