Email to Jim Green from Julie, ACMTC member for >20 years

—by Julie Gudino, former ACMTC member

Dear Jim Green, you have an opportunity now to do what your heart has always told you to do, dissolve the group and send them all home to their appropriate families!!

You’ve allowed these people to suffer for too long with Lila’s false proclamations. Now she’ll have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness for all the people she has harmed. I hope and pray that you will dig deep and find your peace with what has taken place, and all of Lila’s lies and secret devious plots against the past and present followers will pierce her heart and mind, if that’s even at all possible.

Honestly, I loved the both of you as my own parents, what you did to our family was unnecessary, and for many years you both falsely accused my family when all we did was sacrifice our own-selves for what you promised to be to us, true leaders with 100% support to the life we put into your care (my son). Instead you took his young life and you nearly destroyed him, and in the end you wanted to see him dead (when you asked us to send him to the Army to be punished I woke up and realized that you never had our interest at heart, but your own selfish gain). All those years I gave you both my trust and devotion, but the knife you put into my back will leave a scar that only this sort of justice will heal.

You and Lila can’t save the world, only Jesus can, and this is proof that God does bring justice. It’s time you find true salvation and let His people go!For those 20 years I lived in silence, afraid of what speaking the truth would do to me, and the fear that I would lose grace with ACMTC, it’s been a slow process, but I have enough voice to acknowledge and report the hideous acts of sin and death you brought me and other members who also gave their undying love to you. Please, let the world know you’re sorry and pay the price for your actions!