New docudrama: Forsaken by God

keynote templete.001keynote-templete-1.00331The film’s details aren’t altogether accurate. I’ve five children, not two, and Rachel (or Jacque) who declined participating, suffered the excommunication nightmare alongside me, her name at the time changed by Lila to Barren.

To condense the story, the director cropped a lot, plus used a few conflations, i.e. he edited, deleted, copied and pasted to condense 6 years of craziness into 43 minutes. Going for the essence, and I think he nailed it. 

Hats off to director Russell Eatough, story producer Claire Allitt, and all the people at RAW TV in the UK and Cream Productions in Canada who made this happen. When I said “no” the first time, thank you for not giving up on me, on my story. Thank you for calling me back 6 months, and again 9 months later. For me it’s been cathartic. Thank you for your patience and for your intentions of spreading awareness.