god is not mocked, part 1, “gen.” Deborah Green

“General” Deborah (AKA Lila) Green, circa 1987—the year I sued them. For 5 years I was under this woman’s oppression. Two of my children were under it for longer. I’m grateful we are all free now, we’re out from under her dark, heavy, fearful shroud. Life is much lighter, clearer, and happier now.

Here Deborah mentions working in a hospital—she did for about a year, two at the most, pushing papers ( I doubt dead bodies), until my husband began paying her and Jim’s way. When we first moved into the compound (“Fort Freedom”) Steve stopped giving me household money, all his earnings went to the Greens, and they in turn purchased our groceries. I remember a lot of canned clams for making chowder. Working in the hospital was Lila’s last real job. After that her followers supported her.

I’ve worked in multiple hospitals (>23 years) as a registered nurse. I’ve worked in intensive care units, I’ve seen a lot of sickness, death and dying, and I can tell you a lot more stories than Lila about people dying, but my perspective is light, I don’t envision people leaving their bodies and going to hell.

She’s rude and disgusting. Sickness is not caused by sin. She needs to come into the 21st century. It saddens me that I allowed myself and my children to be manipulated by her for so long.