the other excommunicated women


Actually, Deborah Green excommunicated 3 women within a period of a few months, all three of us crammed within the shed. First there was me. Deborah declared me “judged by god,” and she changed my name to Forsaken (forsaken by god). She handed me an dingy white formless sack dress and a black scarf, and instructed me to wear them at all times “when in the presence of god’s soldiers,” and to “wear them with shame.”

After me came Jacque. Deborah declared Jackie also judged by God, and changed her name to Barren, and gave her a hospital gown to wear (before ACMTC Jacque was a psychiatric nurse). After five months of shame and humiliation, “God” determined Jackie worthy enough to return to ACMTC’s ranks, and then her name became Rachel.

I’m happy to report that after >20 years of taking crap from the Greens, Rachel found the courage to leave. She said she just couldn’t take it anymore, that things were never going to get better. Today she lives 7 blocks down the street from me. Small world!

Lisa became woman number three. She and her husband and little girl returned from a “missionary trip” in the Philippines shortly after “god’s judgment descended upon the camp.” Three days later Deborah pronounced “god’s judgment” on Lisa, and changed her name to “Dispised.”

After three rainy days of confinement in the shed, damp blankets in the morning from ground water seeping up through the plywood floor, Lisa snapped. Having just returned from the Philippines, away from Deborah Green and ACMTC’s camp for a while, she had access to her own internal voice. She pushed her way into the “citadel” where the Green’s lived, grabbed her daughter, called the police, and fled.

After Lisa fled with daughter, the Greens instructed Jackie and I to move into the basement of barracks #4. My ex (Steve) ordered our 11 year old son Nate to tear the shed down. He tore it down within two days, and then Steve gave Jacque and I hammers and a crow bar, and ordered us to pull out the nails, and to stack the wood in piles.