meet Silas

Meet Silas, royal kitty boy. He rules my neighborhood. We go back about 4 years. Not my cat, but he is. He only goes to his other house when it’s time to eat, or to catch a mouse or two with his brother, Whitey, or if he needs to go to the vet, or of course, see his other mom.  Mom #1 doesn’t want me to pay for anything. I’ve offered. She works all day, and she’s just glad I’m here for Silas. How’s that for a sweet deal? Sometimes he nudges open my back door in the middle of the night, then my bedroom door, and jumps up, curls up, and falls sleeps on the foot of my bed. Other times he just suddenly appears when I don’t even know he’s around. Like, Si, how’d you get in here? He has super powers.

me & si