Million Dollar Lie Exposed, part 2

If the first letter wasn’t bad enough Deborah Green wrote a second, again ordering Rebekah to sign it in front of a notary.

I know; I’ve been there: there’s a lot more hell than there is heaven inside ACMTC. The members under Deborah and Jim’s watch are drilled to fight emotion, sentimentality, and doubt, all depicted as demons standing on shoulders whispering in our ears. Nothing stands between God and his soldiers.

Twenty Million Dollar Lie Exposed! Part 2 

“As we as a family became increasingly affiliated with James an Lila Green, our lifestyle began to improve and through their wise counsel directed by the Lord Jesus, we began to come up out of poverty and a drug ridden life-style. There we began to face the process of becoming civilized after so many ears of wanton, wild, and undisciplined behavior. My mother greatly envied Lila Green who had a good job at the UCD Medical Center. My mother always had time for many complaints and everyone worked overtime to try and help her out of her dependent, willful, sniveling mindset. My stepfather and I did most of the work. My mother has had a long history of being incapable of managing children and both he (Steve) and I dreaded to see them subject to the abuse and neglect she was so capable of. She was also frequently given to repeating her sexual exploits to my stepfather and anyone else who would listen. She was quite proud of her sexual conquests and she would pick fights with my stepfather by telling him all of the men she had sex with. 

My mother was always whining about everything. She enjoyed letting the younger children run wild and create havoc. I can remember countless times she would run and tell lies on my stepfather, causing him to come into reproach and then other times she would complain that I never helped her do anything although I tried very hard to please her. She was continually jealous of other women. 

My mother was chosen by the Generals to go [to Africa] because they felt it might help her to grow up and not be so selfish. She complained about the trip and behaved as a child, constantly acting strange, showing off her vaginal area whenever she could through propping her legs and opening them in unbecoming manners. We were all embarrassed by her. 

After my mother returned from Africa, she continued to complain about everything. She would drink Magnesium Citrate for lunch and complain about getting fat. When she worked with a male employee who was not a member of FLM she repeatedly gave the inference that they were having an affair. During this time she developed an attraction towards several of the young men, and her shift was rotated to keep her from being with any of them, she made an open confession before the body that she was an habitual masturbator and that her husband did not satisfy her.  Of course, this caused embarrassment to my stepfather, yet he continued to try and help her as did the Generals. 

She tried to disannul my step father’s divorce and lost that one, then she threatened that she would sue LIla Green before it was all over and destroy her. She has threatened Lila Green on numerous occasions and also prophesied the judgment of General Lila and called her the mother of lies. 

During the time she was messing with my stepfather, she had custody of my brother, Jona during the week. He saw her and Bob Blasier’s secretary making love on the living room floor. She also beat my brother and left marks on him, ripping his shirt and scratching him. The secretary of attorney Blasier tried to also seduce my bother. 

The TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR LIE is obviously the biggest one ever told.”

signed, Rebekah Warren—written by “general” Deborah Green.

Both letters, 1 and 2, were sent to the below: