Monster Awakening/Regarding ACMTC


Events in 2012 evoked the sleeping monster that lie dormant in the recesses of my mind. This blog results from them.

For beginners, on Feb 1 of 2012, after years of trying to hold accountable the founders of Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps for what they say and for what they do in the name of their god, on neutral ground, in a court of law, a second trial day was set.

James and Deborah Green, self-appointed “Generals” of “god’s end day army”, and Steve Schmierer (Philip Jordan), the Green’s first stalwart follower, their right-hand man, my now ex, and father of three of my children: these 3 and a few other religious diehards within their ranks are the ones I yearn to see held accountable for all the harm they’ve done.

I can’t see inside peoples hearts as Deborah Green thinks she can, but I’m guessing there are a few current ACMTC members who are as miserable as I was when I was in there. Maybe. Maybe not. Looking back, to me it was like living in a prison, not a literal physical prison with bars and locks, but a mental prison with mental bars and locks and no windows to see out of or to let light in.

So anyway, on January 31, 2012 I and three other former ACMTC members flew to Grants New Mexico to see them in court. We figured beforehand they wouldn’t show up, just as they didn’t the first time they were summoned to court in the late 80’s. From get-go they’ve dodged my California suit, and then judgment, hiding assets and playing keep away and hide and seek.

We were right. They didn’t show.

This story would be long behind them had they only exited Sacramento properly, had they not vindicated my truth with their lies, and then destroyed their Sacramento compound in the wake of their wrath. They were four lovely older homes. ACMTC peeps shattered windows, ripped out plumbing, severed electrical wires, sledge-hammered the walls, and took axes to the wood floors. Passerby’s saw them do it. Ex-members tell stories of doing it. None-the-less Jim and Deborah Green maintain they didn’t do it.  Not only that, they also say my attorney and I did it, that we were “indirectly responsible for the vandalism.” Yeah sure, that makes a lot of sense, to destroy the property awarded us by the courts.



Deep concern for the facts? You’re being undermined and maligned WITH NO FAIR TRIAL??? Why hasn’t a judge or jury heard YOUR side of the story? Because you’ve never showed up in court! You failed to attend your own trials. NOT ONCE, but TWICE! 


What are you afraid of? Swearing on your holy Bible and then lying? Why not just present all your facts?