‘Aggressive Christianity’ cult leader sentenced

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 2.41.36 PMDeborah Green told M.G she was cursed because she came from Africa, and she used her as a child slave. During mealtimes M.G. sat alone on the floor in the corner of the communal dining area, and Deborah would give her a bowl of leftover, sometimes rotting food, and she’d make her eat it within 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes she’d take the food away. If. M.G. vomited while eating, Deborah made her eat that too.

Sexually Deborah abused her, putting her finger and objects up her vagina. M.G. asked her, “why are you doing this to me,” and Deborah’s reply was, “It’s not me doing it, it’s god!”

A weaker person would not have survived,” Judge James Sanchez told M.G.. “That means you can continue on being strong.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.40.04 AMDeborah Green after sentencing. Where’s her god now?

—>Source: ‘Aggressive Christianity’ cult leader sentenced

Deborah Green found guilty on 7 out of 8 counts!

News from the victum-witness assistant at the DA’s office tonight: Deborah Green found guilty on 7 of 8 counts! This was trial #1 for Deborah regarding kidnapping, abusing, sexually penetrating, and causing great bodily harm to a child, M.G. (The second trial will be regarding the death of the old boy Enoch.)

I had the pleasure of meeting M.G., now 20 years old, and her adoptive mother. They rushed from the courthouse in Grants to the airport in Albuquerque to meet us before our flights. We were so excited, finally we can put a face to her name. Then a beautiful young African-American woman steps off the escalator, strong and tender. Sarah throws her arms around her, tears flooding her eyes. Then it’s Julie’s turn, then mine.

M.G has come a long way since Child Protective Services took her away from the Greens 12 years ago, and she is now strong and  determined to chase her own dreams. I think the saying “if it doesn’t break you it’ll make you” is mostly true. For her it took a loving, supportive, pro-active family, plus multiple painful surgeries and years of psychological therapy. Monsters may lurk outside her bedroom window for years yet to come, but M.G. chooses to live, to be strong, and to create a life that is meaningful to her. Her goal: to become a pediatrician. She’s been accepted into and is studying pre-med! I can’t tell you how happy that makes us feel!

“A weaker person would not have survived,” Judge James Sanchez told the victim. “That means you can continue on being strong.”


Study of Cults / Dr. Janja Lalich

Excellent website regarding cults, by Dr. Janja Lalich.

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—>Source: Cult Studies – Study of Cults By Dr. Janja Lalich | Cult Research

Trial begins for ‘Aggressive Christianity’ group leader

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.09.11 PM—>Source: Trial begins for ‘Aggressive Christianity’ group leader

Ex-Cult Member Will Testify Against Deborah Green in God’s Army Trial | PEOPLE.com

—>Source: Ex-Cult Member Will Testify Against Deborah Green in God’s Army Trial | PEOPLE.com

zipped lips

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 10.11.44 PMHere in Grants, NM. Forbidden to say anything re the trial at this time, and as a potential witness, I can’t sit in. Will share after trial’s over. Intend to get court tapes, and maybe continue writing “the book” again. I say maybe because it’s long been my intention, but as someone once said, “he who writes lives life twice.” I think I’ve lived it enough over the years.


petition to stay denied

The defense’s petition to the Supreme Court to continue (i.e. set back, delay) trial was denied. Heat’s on! Jury selection on Monday. Again, I really don’t wish more suffering upon her, I just want her to stop controlling and damaging other people’s lives. And to stop lying!

pre-trial motions denied

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.17.45 PMMost pre-trial motions by the Green’s attorney were denied today. That means the trial is on for September 17th.

pre-trial motions

Curious about Deborah’s trial status? The hearing for pre-trial motions is set for September 12th. If Mr. Lohbeck, the Green’s attorney, gets his way with all his motions, who would be left to testify?

https://caselookup.nmcourts.gov/caselookup/app? Search Green Deborah, year of birth 1947. Bottom row has updates.

Deborah Green on cults

Even as far back as the mid eighties Jim and Deborah scared us with talks of “persecution,” and future armed government raids. This is the world she created. Jim too, he fed into it, but Deborah, or Lila as I knew her in the 70’s and 80’s, is the darkly crazy one, the one who thinks she gets her prophesies of hate and gloom and doom from God.