hallmarks of a cult

“The cultic pattern downplays the mind...cultic religion often deprecates individuality; the person is submerged in a sea of uniformity in which individual identity is sacrificed to the goals of the group. An ex-member of Faith Tabernacle describes it as total annihilation of the self in order to become a robot for the leader.

The attempt to extinguish individuality is another example of not-so-subtle move to consolidate control. Submission, total obedience, subjection—these are the hallmarks of cultism. In the cults, submission becomes a value and end in itself.”

Christians must become aware of those who demand unquestioned loyalty and seek to control the private lives of people in their charge. A good shepherd leads, but does not control. He is a resource for the truth seeker, but not the ultimate source of truth.

Finally, the very cult groups which claim they are targets of persecution and are in danger of losing their first amendment guarantees of religious liberty are guilty of limiting freedom of speech and stifling dissent.” 

The Lure of the Cultss by Ronald Enroth, professor of sociology at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA