unbiblical, twisted teachings

To the reader who asked me why I don’t just leave them alone, my response is, why don’t they leave me alone? These people are accountable to no one but “their” god, and their god is not my God, and their truth is not my truth, and for 25+ years now they’ve been lying about me to cover up their own dirty acts.

One of the first things I realized after coming out from under the cloud of deception in there was how they take Biblical text out of context to make it mean something it doesn’t, to make it mean what they want it to mean. I learned this after I left as I poured myself into studying the Bible. I thought I’d find answers as to why god forsook me, but instead discovered that he hadn’t.

At one point Jim Green instructed us soldiers to read our Bibles, but of my 5 1/2 years in there, that lasted only a few weeks. There were few bibles in sight, and never once did I see anyone digging into one. Whatever came from the Bible was filtered through the mouths of Jim and Deborah Green, and only after leaving their ranks did I discover how umbilical and twisted their teachings are.

The claim was/is that Deborah Green’s prophesies supersede the Bible, because she get’s “fresh bread” straight from god. And when things don’t go as she predicts, god simply changed his mind. He did that a lot when I was there.

During the approximate 108 days of my excommunication within the group (first to the chop shop, then the shed, the basement, a bedroom, and then another bedroom), I fervently studied scripture looking for answers as to why “god’s wrath” was upon me. I found a lot of hope in that book, although in honesty, today I have to say that after considerable objective study on the history of the Bible, and in particular the scribing and translating of it, along with Jewish history and Hebrew culture of the day, and my own personal life experiences,  I no longer buy that it’s “God’s inerrant word,” though I have great respect for the book and the people who believe in it.

But studying the Bible immensely helped set my mind free of ACMTC, because it showed me how flawed, how out of context, and how corrupt the Green’s interpretation of it is.