here Stacy appears “shut-in”

Stacy appears “shut-in” here, lost and intimidated. My daughter Rebekah remembers when she was ordered by the “Generals” to testify against me.  Those within ACMTC dare not question Deborah Green, “God’s prophet.”

Dear Deborah, or Lila

It sickens us to see you control our daughters and sons, our grandchildren, our sisters and brothers, our loved ones. How you rob them of their family, from those who care for and love them the most, unconditionally. 

Your own daughter couldn’t stand you! 

I remember when she ran away the first time, when you and Jim were playing “Brigadier Generals,” and were scheduled to fly to the Philippines, but you missed your flight, because Sarah ran away the morning of.  And when you found her, the following week you flew her to the Philippines, and you made her stay there for 6 months. You were going to teach her a lesson.

Rebekah and Nate were there when she tried to kill herself the first time. When she ingested a bottle of aspirin, or Tylenol.

Like my daughter Rebekah, you married Sarah off to a man >10 years older than she, Mike Brandon, AKA Peter Royce, AKA Peter Green, a top ranking diehard. But that marriage didn’t work, did it? It didn’t keep her put.

I’m glad she’s free of you. I liked Sarah, she was a beautiful, smart girl, obviously troubled. I remember her good heart, and I’m glad she got away before you made it bad. I hope she has some sense of peace now.

What makes you want to inflict such lasting emotional pain?

Rebekah, Abe and Kay, former ACMTC members