disturbing… .

Below are copies of “general” Deborah Green’s prophesies I extracted from their website during the time when I crossed borders into New Mexico with my California judgment. Notice the date of the “Notice of Presentment” and the dates of “general” Deborah Green’s so-called prophesies. Do you think there’s any connection? Do you think these prophesies were regarding me?

Fear and intimidation are her tools. Jim’s nicer. I saw some caring and kindness in him. He’s under her shroud, too. That’s why my focus is mostly on exposing the lady who controls everything that goes on behind the scenes. She’s the one who claims to get instructions straight from god.

IMG_5379Dated July 28th, 2004  Notice of Presentment

Don’t bother trying to read them.  There are shortened excerpts below, but look at the dates.

IMG_5387July 13, 2004


July 13, 2004 Excerpt (entire prophesy 2 pages long)

“I speak unto thee this day and I say that I the Living God do vindicate myself upon the wicked. I say when they choose to oppose me, and when they despise my people, I will vindicate myself upon them. For I speak unto thee this day and I say that it is me the living God who does get my vengeance and I do repay. It is me the Living God who is able to bring them down, who is able to render them lifeless. I say that when men are in opposition unto me the Living God I say that I may do away with them even in an instant . That is I may cause them to die. I may cause them to be lost and their souls to be damned. 

I say when you see wicked men who have spread themselves out as though they would remain, know that they too shall pass. Know that they shall be overwhelmed, they shall be destroyed, they shall be distraught. I say that they will cry out and their shall be none to deliver them in the day of their great distress. I say that I the Living God may come upon them and there is nothing that they may do to protect themselves. I say when men will heap up their wickedness I say the time comes that I have had enough of them. I say that wicked and evil men are moved when I deem it necessary to do so. I say that I take them out of the way. I say that I bring forth my beloved, my righteous, my chosen ones as it pleases me. I say this day to be looking unto me and not looking to the plots of the wicked, for I say they shall be done away with... .” 

Again, save your eyes. Shortened excerpt below.


Sept. 5, 2004

THE WICKED SEEK TO OVERTAKE GOD’S TRUE PEOPLE, BUT THEY WILL NOT PREVAIL.  SEPT. 5, 2004 Excerpt (entire prophesy 3 pages long)

 “I speak unto thee this day and I say though the wicked may plot against the just they shall not prevail.  I say though the wicked may seek to overtake those who are in right standing with me I say that they shall not prevail against them. I say that it is me the Living God who does stand with the upright, who does keep my people. I say that it is me the Living God who does lead my people forth by a plain path, who does direct their steps.  When my people who are called by my name will be looking unto me I say that they are kept. I say that they are kept in the mercy, they are kept in the love, they are kept in the tender kindness of who I am. I say that it is me the Living God who shall strengthen them that they could come forth in me.  I say the wicked are seeking to overthrow, seeking to undermine, seeking to destroy my beloved. I say the wicked will gnash day and night with their wicked teeth upon those who are right in my sight. But I say they shall not prevail, for I the Living God will not allow it to be so. I say I will keep my people upright as they keep their vision singled upon me… .”