what’s a family to do?


“Cults capitalize on the human need for association, for belonging, for family. Many…which are communal in style actually become surrogate families for their members. Leaders are sometimes referred to as ‘spiritual parents’ or ‘parents in the Lord.’ So strong is the influence of the cult that a member’s natural parents are usually relegated to an inferior status, sometimes totally rejected.

“In a publication of the Body of Christ, a small aberrant Christian group in southern CA, members are told, ‘be prepared to switch your loyalty from your natural family to God’s family…all that we have known and experienced as a natural family has to die. Those blood ties are filthy rags unto God.’

“The severing of all ties with one’s family is an integral part of the process of psychological kidnaping which new members often undergo. If parents and other family members can be cast into the role of a agents of Satan or viewed as representatives of the corrupt old order, the young recruit is even more effectively bonded to the cult. At best, parents are tolerated and pitied, at worst, scorned and abandoned.

“Mothers who are members of the River of Life Ministry are told that undue attachment to children can be spiritually harmful. One former member reports that she was physically restrained from comforting and consoling her son after he had been inured in a fall. She was told that she had a ‘spirit of motherhood,” which was an evil spirit in the eyes of the group.  Marie Kolasinski of the Body of Christ movement warns.’ God is going to take away every idol from the land. If your children are our idol, He’s going to take them from you.’

“The diabolical undercutting of the God-ordained institution of the family is one of the most tragic by-products of the emergence of extremist cults.”

Ronald Enroth, the Lure of the Cults