who’s playing the victim here?

Wait a minute Deborah, you’re telling the world here that the paper you’re reading in your hands comes from some “analyst?” Seriously? Name? Credentials? Who’s analyst, yours?

Who’s fabricating a tale here? Who’s eliciting “pity and hatred and anger?” Who’s playing the victim? ACMTC is a victim of me? Deborah, you’re terrorized by me?

Some people don’t like liars who claim holiness as they pull the wool over people’s eyes. I remember Jim Green saying more than once, “every time you point your finger at someone, you’ve got 3 fingers pointing back at you.” But it never occurred to him that he was talking to himself. 

I am not a victim. 

This is about you, Deborah Green, and Jim Green and Steve Schmierer, AKA Philip Jordan, and all false authority, all false leaders, false teachers, false prophets and the things that they say and that they do in the name of their god.