about me

Hi, it’s me, the real Maura Schmierer. If you’re reading this it’s likely in regards to ACMTC, or Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps, AKA Free Love Ministries, AKA Free Land Mountain, AKA Life Force Team, AKA Miracle River Christian Mission, AKA Shrim Ra Na Holy Tribal Nationthey’ve changed their names a few times.

Jim and Lila (AKA Deborah) Green, co-founders and co-leaders of ACMTC, along with my ex-husband Steve Schmierer, AKA Philip Jordan, have been cursing and slandering me and anyone else who questions their authority for over 30 years.

I’m the shady lady cooked up inside their PX2 files. Welcome to my blog. I’m not here to defend myself against psychopaths who depict me as some bad-ass whore or witch or gold digger or woman set aside and forsaken by God. I’m simply here to share a few stories regarding ACMTC, and to shed some light on the subject of cults and mind control.

ACMTC members think they’re God’s special elite people, His chosen, His end day army. Self proclaimed Generals James and Deborah Green are the leaders, and Deborah Green God’s special end day prophet, and their whole big purpose in life is to deliver God’s judgments to the world, usher in the new kingdom of God, and then to rule in eternity with Jesus Christ—as you and I (if you reject their message) burn forever in hell.

I used to march with these people, slaying invisible demons with invisible swords, yelling “get behind me Satan in the name of Jesus Christ!” We fought to keep demons from getting inside our heads. We fought against our own thoughts, our own conscience. We fought “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, and powers in the air.” Eph. 6:12

Doubting authority within ACMTC is sin. Good soldiers don’t doubt Lila Green who gets her stuff straight from God. Doubt opens the gates for hordes of demons to flood in—into God’s camp. That’s why they got rid of me. I doubted. I questioned. Surely God wouldn’t treat children this way. Can He be so mean? Have I no say over my children anymore?

Deborah Green terrified me, her intense I-can-see-through-you eyes, her prophesies of hate, hellfire, and judgment. She spoke with such authority, such confidence—God’s chosen LEADER, his PROPHET. I was bound by fear. Afraid to NOT believe. God’s ways, they said, were too deep for me to understand. I leaned on my own understanding. And this is not a  family church. “This is God’s Army!” Or “We’re not not raising children here, we’re raising future soldiers.”

So I—the fabricated MS in their PX2 files—epitomize what happens to people inside ACMTC who take their armor off, who doubt or question God. Nobody wants to be the bad guy. Nobody wants to be forsaken by God.

Regarding ACMTC, all I’ve ever really wanted to do is shine some light inside a dark hole, to expose the deception and the abuse.