new docudrama re ACMTC: Army of God

The Investigation Discovery Channel and People’s magazine have partnered to create a new series about cults called People Magazine Investigates: Cults. The series premiers on June 4th and the episode regarding ACMTC (Army of God) airs on July 2nd.

People Magazine Investigates: CULTS explores how destructive and terrifying cults can be to cult members and their families.  Each of the 6 one-hour episodes dives deep inside a twisted American cult, building to that pivotal moment when blind worship turns violent and even deadly.  From Jonestown to the Army of God, PEOPLE reporters are on the front lines, revealing the untold stories of power-crazed cult leaders using mind control, sex, and violence to manipulate and dominate followers. Each episode follows PEOPLE’s trusted journalists as they doggedly investigate the evolution of these cults, expose their bizarre and brutal day-to-day rituals, and speak first-hand to survivors who narrowly escaped lives of misery to put their cult nightmares finally behind them.”  DiscoveryIncTV

forsaken by God, my crazy story

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Available for purchase ($1.99-$2.99) from Amazon PrimeVuduiTunes, and YouTube.

As said earlier, it’s not altogether accurate, but it’s spot on for creating the essence of my experience. The Director—Russell Eatough—totally got it. He knew how to dig down. This blog pretty much materialized out of 2014, the year of making this film, the year I harnessed my mind to dig into my past—to reflect, to remember, to feel, to write, to share.

New docudrama: Forsaken by God

keynote templete.001keynote-templete-1.00331The film’s details aren’t altogether accurate. I’ve five children, not two, and Rachel (or Jacque) who declined participating, suffered the excommunication nightmare alongside me, her name at the time changed by Lila to Barren.

To condense the story, the director cropped a lot, plus used a few conflations, i.e. he edited, deleted, copied and pasted to condense 6 years of craziness into 43 minutes. Going for the essence, and I think he nailed it. 

Hats off to director Russell Eatough, story producer Claire Allitt, and all the people at RAW TV in the UK and Cream Productions in Canada who made this happen. When I said “no” the first time, thank you for not giving up on me, on my story. Thank you for calling me back 6 months, and again 9 months later. For me it’s been cathartic. Thank you for your patience and for your intentions of spreading awareness.

Bio—Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult

All episodes were well done, and for anyone with an interest in mind control or the subject of cults, why and how people get sucked in and why they don’t just leave, then these are worth the few bucks. Hats off to the warm and wonderful people at Screaming Flea Productions in Seattle, WA. Well done, and thank you for the wonderful time, and more than anything, thank you for promoting awareness.

Available from Amazon for $1.99-$2.99. Biography Channel. Episode 3 is two stories, one regarding Yahweh Ben Yahweh, the other regarding ACMTC. It was a more comfortable, a better interviewing experience for me than the natgeo interview. I know the above says episode 2, but it’s #3 on amazon. When the series aired, the pilot (number 1) was number zero. Also available for purchase from iTunes, and free to watch on YouTube—Escaping Evil: my Life in a Cult

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“I Escaped a Cult”– Inside the Greens – Nat Geo TV Blogs

—>“I Escaped a Cult”– Inside the Greens – Nat Geo TV Blogs.

Comments on natgeo blog made by two former members, one my oldest son:

April 16, 2012, 4:26

“Dear People, I belonged to the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps for 20 Years.  I left the group in 2004, it’s important for people to understand that this group has done a lot of damage to destroy families and lives that were a big part of their organization. I have one son who I raise in the organization and by the mercies of the Lord he is standing on his own feet, as so am I. But to all those out there that have suffered tremendous pain and hurt mentally and emotionally due to groups such as this, my prayers and heart goes out to you and your families. There is so much more to tell in regards to the ACMTC group, I hope Maura’s story will enlighten the public, it is a chip of the iceberg, hopefully someday the group will come to it’s end.”


IMG_5335 2me, Abe and Julianna

December 13, 2012, 12:39 am

“I spent almost all of my childhood in this cult, got out when I turned 18. The person who donated his sperm to my mother (Steve AKA Phillip) is still in there. Yeah, they are a bunch of a$$ holes, and they certainly deserve to be dealt with. But what can be done? They continue to spread their hatred, and do their best to take advantage of gullible people, who are “searching”. I’m glad my mother did this show, she’s a strong person, and a great mother. The cult does their best to slander her, but anybody of sound mind can see right through their garbage.”



1993/me and Nate shortly after he walked away from ACMTC.

I Escaped a Cult on Netflix and YouTube


Natgeo’s documentary “I Escaped a Cult” is available on Netflix.

This was a horrible interviewing experience for me. The whole thing was rushed, I hadn’t slept in days, and I couldn’t muster up the words to describe this broken-off piece of my past—my mind kept drawing blanks. But Rebekah interviewed well, and so did Brent.

I’m quite pleased with the whole series. All episodes shine light into the elitist, the extremist, the shut in mindset. If you wish to understand why people don’t just up and leave cults, these stories will help.

upcoming documentary

Monday I meet with producer and director for an upcoming documentary, both flying in from the UK. I’ve spoken with the producer so many times over the phone that I feel as though I know her. She’s great. Shoot all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Kind of excited. And nervous.

I’ll get to see Abe, whom I haven’t seen in over a decade. Abe was in ACMTC at the time I was and after. He has a strong voice, because like me, he’s learned a lot about life the hard way. Love the guy and feel a connection with him after all these years. He’s an artist, a writer, and he loves taking care of his grandson. He tells me he has dreads now. Finally letting his hair down.

Angelina will be in  the documentary also. She left ACMTC about 10 years ago, give or take a few. She spent 20 years of her life in there. Her story’s amazing, she’s overcome so much, and she stands tall today with a bachelor’s degree—like me, mid-life she started all over again, learning to make better, happier choices.

The documentary will be aired towards the end of the year. I’ll let you know when.