it starts with the mind

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we see what we focus on

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.42.22 AMI’m always adjusting my lens, and at age 60, I switched to a new one with widened, improved views, finer focuses, and better clarity. Still learning to use it. And I’m not talking about my camera here, I’m talking about my views on life.

why bother?

images-26I ask myself again, why am I doing this? Then I give it some time, and I remember.


figuring out what we want

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breaking hearts

Every heart-break, every disappointment in life, even when we disappoint ourselves, can be scoffed with anger, resentment, fault-finding, self-loathing, or we can embrace them as the lessons given us in life to learn, to grow and to heal. It’s a choice, and it doesn’t happen over night, but we can do the paradigm shift, and it can set us free.

if you change the way you look at things

keynote templete.001 Wayne Dyer, The Secrets of the Power of Intention

we’re all one

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trust your own intuition

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don’t be trapped by dogma




Thankful to be free of past mindsets, other people’s mindsets. Thankful to be free from needing others to show and tell me the way. Thankful to have been loosed so I can think and discern life for myself. No more crutches. It’s a friendlier, happier world now. Quoting an old hippie friend of mine, Graywolf, “sometimes we go about learning who we are in life by first learning who we are not.”