Comment by Rachel Johnson, former ACMTC member for >20 years

—By Rachel Johnson

So how did all this come to pass and what went wrong here? Why was Lila so intently conscientious about punishing the sins others? Why did she see her calling as the mistress of the judgment of God, and was she really in such an exalted position that she could rightfully assume that role?

We know she had always aspired to spiritual heights even as a young hippie and spiritual seeker with Jim Green back in the day. She had been antagonistic toward a notion of God after her brother died of cancer at a young age. This is when she met Maura Schmierer. Then I do believe that she was gifted by God after their “road to Damascus” conversion to Christ. Ex member Julie Gudino was also gifted by God when she showed up as a 17 year old in 1984.

I believe that God does speak through prophecy. This was always the “hook”. What is God saying to us today? Initially this seemed to bring us into the presence of God where we could actually know what the hell is going on here. It’s very heavy stuff and not for the faint of heart.

But why then did this then progress into the typical cult scenario of cutting off your former ties….family and otherwise? I know I did hear from God on some things but not this. This was told to me. So we are all rolling along and even confessing our sins to one another, and then we get that God is interested in judgment. So, judgment begins in the house of God.

Now, some of us that were older and had lived in the fast lane seemed to not get the depth of our sins sufficiently. Maura and I were put into shunning mode to contemplate our badness and really repent. Okay, but this never did have its desired end; presumably because we were rotten to the core. Then all the sanctions did nothing to improve matters. Was all this drama really God’s way? This is where it gets dicey. If you feel/believe that you have plumbed your depths and nothing works out, then what?

Lila was the arbitrator and we just had to believe that she knew what she was doing. I remember one of her first confessions of sin was that God told her she “vaunted herself too much”.  Never heard too much about it after that.
I think it takes a balanced and anchored perception to be a true spiritual leader. There should be no place for flights of fancy or perceptions of self as an instrument of God’s punishment if only to avoid impugning God’s good name. We all know God is more than capable of administering His own judgment.

I remember she confessed once that she was jealous of Mary Magdalene because Magdalene was so close to Christ. Jealous of Magdalene? What kind of idiocy is that? I fear that she let her mind/spirit cross over into fanaticism and ultimately has allowed the world to ridicule God’s purposes. Unless they really are the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation as they believe they are. —Rachel Johnson.